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It's all about cats

Neko No Subete

A cute cat (our lord) drawn on a professionally-taken photograph. Every lord is unique, and lives only in the moment the photo was taken. As this lord is done on a unique photo, it cannot be redone or copied. Every “cat” has a unique name, a special name. This makes it a particularly special NFT.


My three cats back in Japan



Bosu (ボス) means boss. She was super bossy and always angry (like Hulk). She likes to roar at her friends, every day and night.


Guru guru

Guru guru (グルグル) means “going round and round.” He came to my home as a 9-month old baby when I was 13. He loves running after his own tail, going round and round, when we first met.



Goma (ごま) means sesame. This name has nothing to do with his appearance. My mum named him Goma because she said he had a smell of sesame when he first arrived at our home.

They left me, before and after my first love did

Bosu is the oldest. She sometimes takes care of Guru guru and Goma like a mother. She loves them, we can tell, she licks and cleans them a lot. She left us at age 16 in 2007, with a terminal sickness. We had good times with her. She was even more bossy than my mother, however she was my very best friend.

Guru guru is the youngest. However, he spent the least time with us. 3 months after Bosu left us, one day, he did not come back from his daily park trip. We tried our best to find him in the community, but no luck. We never see Guru guru again. 

Goma died on my lap due to aging, he was 17. Eight months after
my first love left me, Goma walked onto my lap on a regular weekday night while I was playing TV games. He slept there for about an hour, and then he walked slowly into the gap between my bed and the wall. At midnight, I jumped onto my bed and called him, but got no answer. When I looked into the gap, he was not moving anymore.

Departing my home country

After Migi left me, I had already thought of leaving Japan, my home country. However, what I could not put down was my mum and Goma. 

After Goma had left, at his funeral I asked my mum, “what should I do now?” To my surprise, she said, "go, pursue your dream and build your future. No cats are pulling your leg now." I replied, "how about you, mum?", she said, "No matter where you go, once you've found success, come back and bring me along. I wait for you."

The one who loves you unconditionally was never your girlfriend, or anyone else, but your mum.

I came to Canada to pursue my photography dream, and I traveled a lot. Although I'm not famous yet, one day, mum, I promise you that I will come back and bring you along wherever I go.

How Neko no subete came to life: A dream of Guru guru

In 2021, while everything is locked down, my travel and photography never stopped. One night, while I was in Nova Scotia for a business-photography trip, I dreamed of Guru guru.

He was in front of me, chasing his own tail, running around and around as usual, and suddenly, he turned into a cloud that had his face on it. I asked, "why are you there? Can you teach me?" And he jumped onto my macbook and pointed to the screen.

When I woke up, I knew what I should do. I have to incorporate Guru guru into all the scenic photos that I took, bring him everywhere, and show his face, Bosu's face, and Goma's face to the world. Through the medium of NFTs, I think I can accomplish my goal.

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