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The artist behind Neko no subete

I was born and raised in Japan. My mum is ½ Japanese and ½ Hong Konger, who married my father, a very traditional Japanese man, in her 20's.


I am a professional photographer, specializing in the portrait format and in lighting. However, I like to share my scenic photos more than my portrait jobs

I am very interested in exploring the world of NFTs, and giving people something unique to add to their collection.

What is Neko no subete?

Neko no subete - All about cats.

I love cats. I had three cats when I was in Japan. They grew up with me. Their names are Bosu, Guru Guru, and Goma, and though they are in heaven, they’ll always be my best mates.

I started Neko No Subete because I had a dream of Guru guru. He told me to bring him everywhere. That’s why I’ve decided to take some of my scenic photos, draw Guru guru on them, and share them with everyone in the form of an NFT.

Why NFTs? I would like to offer a more personal connection to my digital art. Rather than submitting my cats to the internet, I’d like to give them a permanent place to live. This is the value of NFTs. By purchasing one of our lords, you will be their sole owner and protector.

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