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My Ex Girls Series

This is my first love - Migi C, and here is the story between us.

Based on a true story.


Migi and I

It's a sad story, though. I met her in secondary school more than 10 years ago. Through university, graduation, and work, we were together for 7 years. She lived in a flat with me in Koshigaya, a city 40 min North of Tokyo. We worked, we cooked, and we lived a quite happy life together. Although sometimes she complained about her supervisor, and would get angry with me, she was still lovely to me.

Koshigaya home.png

A photo captured from Google Map. The street that Migi and I rent the flat. Not exactly this building.

Migi suddenly decided to leave

It happened on March 2, 2008. At first, everything was happening like normal. We had dinner, we talked and laughed, and we watched some TV program. After I had my bath, I saw her standing in front of the bathroom, dressed, with a small luggage, looking at me, saying no words. She said we should not be together anymore, and broke up with me. It was so sudden that I couldn't breathe and I didn't know how to respond. Being stunned, she grabbed her luggage and ran out the door.

When the door banged shut, I regained consciousness. Quickly, I ran to the closet and got my clothes, and I chased her down the street. At the major intersection close to our rental flat, while she was waiting for the green crossing light, I kneeled for her, I begged her to stay, and I cried, in front of the pedestrians.

Koshigaya kneel intersection.png

A photo captured from Google Map. The major intersection that I kneeled before Migi.

The ultimate flick

While I was begging her to stay, she bent down, close to me, touching my face with her hand that I was not grabbing on. She looked at me into my eyes with a very half-angry, half-sad stare. That second, I thought that she would stay. However, what she said in reality was, in a very calm voice, "We won't see each other again".

The next second, she flicked away my hands, pulling the luggage and crossed the road.
There was no rain and no background music, but my heart was broken like a shattered wine glass. I curled there, in front of the bank, cried, cramped, curled up on the ground for almost an hour. Until a police officer passed by, picked me up and brought me back home.
From that day on, I really couldn't find her and see her again. A few months later, my cat Goma is gone. And, another few months after, I left Japan and went to Canada, where I am now, to pursue my photography dream.

It was a sad year to remember.

How did Migi C came to life

It was in 2021, and I was living in Canada, practicing my photography.
I just don't know why, but I randomly saw her on social media. Looking at her limited photos, I can see that she is married and living well. I spent some time viewing her social media, trying to figure out what had happened. Although I believe she did not cheat on me back then, I still couldn’t control the feelings of love, hate, sadness and anger that came up altogether and stir up my feelings. I remembered very vividly how beautiful she was, how cute she was, how she loved me, and how we lived together and overcame difficulties together. (She is still beautiful now)


Migi C 001 This is how she dressed when we first met.

Without disclosing her name and details (“Migi C” is, of course, a fake name), I decided to make the images in my memories, of her in her early 20s, into art. I really wanted to share these important moments that I experienced with her to everyone else in the world. I hope getting these memories up as NFTs and letting her leave my head bit by bit could help me to move on, eventually.

As you can imagine, these NFTs are tremendously personal. They will not be duplicated, as they represent a personal point in my life.

I hope that you may find an image that calls out to you. It would help me tremendously.

Thank you very much.

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