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It's My Lord (Cat)'s Order

Neko no subete (All about cats)


Hello! I'm a Japanese-Canadian artist, and I've been called by my lord - Cat ("Neko" in Japanese),

to make them everywhere.

What I offer is a cute cat (our lord), drawn on a professionally-taken photograph.
Each lord is unique, and lives only at the moment that the photo was taken.
As this lord lives in a unique photo, it can’t be redone or copied. Every “cat” has a unique name, one special to it and it alone. If you’re interested, you could own one yourself. The best NFTs are ones created from a place of artistic passion, after all.

I hope you will like my NFT art.


Why should you own Neko No Subete?

If you’ve found me by chance and aren’t familiar with the concept of NFTs, what I am offering is a chance to own a piece of digital art and directly support an artist in a webscape where piracy is frequent. NFTs are a new medium, and a one with many advantages.

Most importantly, owning an NFT means the whole world knows that NFT belongs to your blockchain address, and that your address is the owner. (If you disclose that address is you, then you become famous for owning a well-known piece of art.)


By purchasing NFTs from Neko No Subete, you are ensuring that I can continue my craft, supporting an emerging technology, and growing your art collection all at once.

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